Meet the Teachers

Hello! I am Amanda. I am a teacher, mother, wife, and outdoors woman. I have  been teaching for 15 years and expect to be doing so for at least 15 more! I started out my career in special education in middle school. After a few years, I switched to elementary special education. Finally, I found my home in a regular education second grade classroom. I keep all of those important lessons that I learned in my beginnings with me still. My walls are sparse, my behavior plan specific, and when I teach I get a slow Southern drawl, even though my childhood was spent in New Hampshire. Please don't tell my White Mountain relatives, I'd have to admit what a traitor I have become! My son will be joining me at my school this coming school year as a Kindergartener. We are both excited and nervous about that! When I have a moment to myself, I love to get out in nature. Some of my best ideas have hatched there. I LOVE mountain biking and beat up myself and my bike out on the trail whenever I get a chance. As the people I work with can attest, I enjoy sharing ideas and having other people try them out. I look forward to your feedback and seeing what my ideas turned into when you adapt them and make them your own! Welcome.

Welcome to A Bird’s Eye View!  My name is Molly and I am a teacher and a mom to two little boys.  This is my 14th year teaching, and my 14th year teaching 2nd grade!  Every spring I think about making the switch to another grade, but I just can’t seem to do it.  I love 2nd grade too much, and feel like I still have so much to learn.  Outside of school, I like to spend time playing and hiking with my sons, reading, and going for the occasional run. Thanks for checking out our blog, and I hope you find some useful ideas!

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