Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Daze!

Thanks to a extreme blast of winter weather, I haven't seen my students in over a week.  This unexpected break, while welcome, has wreaked havoc with my curriculum map!  When we go back to school Monday morning, I will be focused on catching up but my students will want to tell me- in great detail!- everything they did on their snow days.  While I enjoy listening to my students' stories and hearing about their lives outside of school, I just don't always have the time.  So, instead of telling me about all their snow day adventures, my kids are going to write about them.  I made up a quick sheet that has the students write about not only what they did but also what they wished they had done.  That second part forces my reluctant writers -AKA the "I didn't do anything in the entire week we weren't at school" kids- to get something down on paper.  After writing, the students will get in small groups and share. 

Voila!  The kids get to share and be heard, and my curriculum map doesn't suffer!  You can check out and download the writing sheet here.

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